Staff Benefits

We believe in providing our staff with a work environment that is happy & harmonious. One that helps them become their best professionally so that they can achieve their goals. Here are just a few of the things that we do:

Great Training Opportunities

We seek opportunities to develop, challenge and extend our people to demonstrate how much we value them. We run a wide ranging induction process and a comprehensive Learning and Development programme which includes 6 compulsory Building Blocks modules and four job specific modules. These Building Blocks were developed and are delivered by staff and provide essential knowledge and a set of common tools, language and techniques that can use within the workplace. We are also passionate about creating leaders and achieve this through a Leadership Development pathways programme. We also support career focused individual learning.

Encouraging a fun and lively atmosphere

We have themed shared lunches i.e. Cultural Diversity day, various competitions e.g. annual Christmas office decorating competition and we hold regular Staff Challenges which might involve quizzes, competitions and top town style events. We support staff sports teams. Our active Social Club provides monthly get-togethers and plans events throughout the year.  We have an organisation-wide Christmas function for all staff, partners and children.  We hold monthly staff mufti days, usually themed with the money donated to local charities.

Celebrating Success

We say thank you regularly and use various methods to do this.  We invite high performing staff to attend special events such as award dinners (ie Kenexa and Employer of Choice), we provide vouchers and gift cards; we reproduce positive feedback from the public and recognise effort and excellence in our staff newsletter – Stafflink and all staff breakfasts.  

Health and Wellbeing

We look after our people in many ways. We provide an independent confidential counselling service, free annual flu vaccinations and hold a Wellbeing Expo on a biennial basis where information is shared to encourage staff to implement healthy lifestyle changes. During this ex

po we run a ‘Mission Slim-possible’ campaign which actively encourages staff to achieve weight loss goals. We audit our Health and Safety system through the ACC Health & Safety Accreditation programme and we are proud of achieving tertiary status. We offer access to a Southern Cross Medical Group Scheme as well as subsidised eye care. Our organisation is passionate about the work we do for our communities and we are proud of how we do it.

Valuing our Staff

Our organisation is passionate about the work we do for our communities and we are proud of how we do it. We value our people because it pays real dividends for the individual, the organisation and the community.  Examples of this is our Retention Incentive Payment (RIP) which is offered to all full and part-time staff. This can be taken as one week's extra leave after an employee has been with our organisation for five years or a cash option is available.  Our staff receive regular communication and positive feedback, participate in group/team building exercises and all staff anniversaries are celebrated.

Encouraging Feedback and Communication

We encourage feedback and communication in several ways ie Think New Thoughts is a system for gathering staff suggestions for improvement.  All Staff Updates are delivered by the Senior Leadership Team on a quarterly basis and in addition to this a Council wide all staff breakfast is held annually. Personal Development Plans, an open, honest appraisal system on individual performance, are conducted every six months. We undertake regular surveys which are distributed to gather feedback on various topics ie training workshops, project reviews etc and we also have cross functional focus groups.